Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get well soon Tom Tom Tomington

"Wearing his famed "Man of Ste" tunic young, Jimmny McHimmny meets Tom Moran at the famous "Roes TA B every" bar, fun times were had by all, they also "caught up" with people who do things in the Norfolk area"-EDP, (20.01.27)

"When Dr. Michael Caine was out caning it with lasses with guns during the filming of 'Bittman Begans', Mr. Tom Moran often stepped into the breach not only to act in the role of Alfrood Pennywidth but also to offer Chrastian Bile a.k.a Nightman IV some canapes, renamed on the set as......capes"-TV Quick (12.06.06)

Tom Moran, one of my friends and coworkers at the rose is sick at the moment with a dual operation, one bit involves his guts and another bit involves near his ball-ba-rigmusses, either way it's not pretty so I'm sending my love down the well to that tall funny fecker. He's got a comedy night: Laugh Out Loud and a indie/funk/neo soul band called The Scoundrels and has a comedy show on Livewire UEA radio station. Generally if confidence is "c" and that "c" is the confidence that myself and people I went to college with had, then "c-cubed" is what young Moran and the folks he deals with has. It's amazing to see them work at their media enterprises, and I'm slightly envious of them, but enjoy watching the madness from a distance all the same.

Anyway, he wrote a facebook note Musings from the mind of a recovering hernia patient which included a reference to me that I should put up on the blog as a sort of a blurb:

These notes are like internet blogs, and internet blogs are depressing and sad. There is only one person whose blogging I will accept and tolerate, and that is my friend and co-worker Lorcan McGraine, because he is Irish and studies superheroes, so he's allowed to be a bit quirky. Also, I think he may have a gun.

I don't have a gun, but in the words of the Look Around You series 2 commentary, when discussing Harry Enfield as Tchaikvosky's Ghost, if I did have a gun it would have 5 silver bullets and one gold bullet, all blank...

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