Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The ghost of the 'Singing Brickie'

Back in the day before youtube and that malarky, yon Badbrute would record bizarre nuggets off of UTV and the likes for our drunken amusement at his and Oldgrom's Portrush Palace. One of these clips that is burned into my memory is of Conor McKay the Singing Brickie. What!you've never heard of the singing brickie? with his signature song:

The bricks and motar by day,
The microphone by night,
I'm the Singing Brickie
And I'll sing a song for yooouuu....

One such moment was when young McKay was being interviewed by UTV in his hardhat patting his dog and they asked him were the words to the songs hard to remember, and he just rocks back and forth and gurgles'

"hehe...it get's te be ya learn it too muuch!"

I always get tempted to use that as my answer for any academic question I get asked, 'I can't remember, it get's te be ya learn it too much!" In Norfolk we have The Singing Postman.

Anyway these two slices of unintenial humour almost match that.

1.Thomas Bryne: "There's the Wedding Cards".

The first is a campaign youtube clip for a Fianna Fail politician that a certain Dumb Riffer, Karl Whitney, currently undercover in our fine nation's seat of power discovered. He aptly describes it: "I've a feeling this might be like Eoin McLove meets Alan Partridge.With David Cameron-style pretensions". I can't stop watching it, why the wedding cards? Look I'm straight! I have the cards to prove it? where is the mysterious footballer wife? does he like jumpers and cakes? His youtube channel is here check him out on the road 'we're not going to force people any particular way of voting, but I hope they vote for us'. His priceless blog has some great lines:

Lovely day for a bit of canvassing. The bonus was that the swallows have landed back in Duleek and Ardcath, just today! The return of the fainleoga is something that really brings back the child in me. In a time of change, nature seems fairly constant and wonderful in some respects at least!

(what other respects is nature not wonderful? monsters?)


I was absolutely delighted when I heard that Ian Paisley accepted the Taoiseach's invitation to visit the Battle of the Boyne area in the next few weeks....After centuries of rancor between Protestant and Catholic, it is really like a dream. We are walking not on air, but on the solid foundations of a true lasting settlement.

I keep thinking up things in his 'style', Hall and Oates sang "we built this city on rock and roll, but cities are not built from rock and roll but bricks and mortar." I imagine historic events from the various politcal footsoldiers involved in his voice:

"Spring in Berlin! heard a class speech from some guy in Nuremberg the other day and he really inspired me"..... "It was great to meet Darth Vader today, he's such a good leader, I think our Death Star is totally invunerable with no weak spots whatsoever, hooray for the empire!".

2. The Belfast Hoff: yes,just like Clark Kent....

At the risk of incurring young Bob Bryne's hatred of people using 'the hoff', here's a story from Bloggorah that actually proves his point, if UTV live are using 'the hoff' as a term it has not only Jumped the Shark but and entire ocean of sharks, more than that a Waterworld style world full of sharks and someone is orbiting it continously.

"That's it Magnus, suck in the gut and look like you're about to murder someone...perfect."

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