Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jimmy Bignutz strikes again

Man, I'm going to have to come up with things I hate, this blog's turning into a geeky love fest. I'm sure your aware of B3Ta if someone has sent you an annoying photomanip since this whole ethergut malarky started (I think the very first one was a stick figure with a straight line for a cock drawn on sent between two MIT boffins in 1979) then it probably came from B3Ta picture challenges. If you don't have net access just 'read' Nuts or Zoo that where they steal a lot of stuff, that and Bizarre magazine. B3Ta's Rob Manuel and co. sent in the ideas for the shit computer games from Look Around You, see below.

Anyway, B3Ta were asked to submit questions for a interview with Adam Buxton (to be currently seen in not shit BBC Three sketch show Rush Hour and Hot Fuzz and yon Mr. Buxton methodically went through all of them and not only dignified them but also came up with some great answers, eg:

What were the best and worst nicknames you ever got given? (Afinkawan)

BEST: Let me see… on a good day I used to get called Genius Boy, Rimshot Masterclass, Fiery Apollo 5000, The Lazer Briefcase, Jimmy Bignutz, Harrison Ford, Cleverhandsome or Jesus Strength.

WORST: On a bad day it would be either Failure Face, Shitlamp, The Ugly Man, Shit On Face, Shithair, Dogshit Face & Neck, Fat Queer or Shit Instead Of Head. I think some of the names came from the fact that I had a bit of shit near my head in those days. Kids can be cruel.

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