Friday, April 20, 2007

A tubendium of Jimmnies

Why That's Delightful!: Graham Linehan's Hompendium of Dorithies is always a treat for great comedy clips and occasional analysis and thoughts on comedy writing and comics. Many dark Jimmny moments are instantly relived by a flick through the The Craggy Island Parish Magazine. I do love my comedy books*, but this is classic. See above, 'Edward Price' founder of the Christian Brothers falling off a horse after seeing "big diddies" written on a gable wall.

Apart from the content, I have been warming to the style of the livejournal stuff for putting up lost of small posts quite quickly. Being such a media monkey. the urge to just litter this blog with lots of demented clips and videos is hard to resist, and it's sometimes hard to get them in the right order to match up with posts. Plus, the take up valuable demented rant space. Hence I have created, because no on in particular asked for it:

Jimmny Homuncutube: funny things in wee boxes.

Previous Linehan lovefests here and here.

*HH has had to listen to my many many rants of old Comedy books, who remembers such 'classics' as 'Janet Lives with Mel and Griff', 'Lenny Henry's Well-hard paperback', 'Geoffrey the Tube Train and Fat Comedian', 'Spitting Images' and of course 'How to be Complete Bastard'?

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