Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Bobbity Bob Bryne news

Bob Bryne dons his patented nodule hat to bestow clamnuggety goodness on the world

I have been meaning for ages* to put a big shout put to young Bob Bryne of Clamnuts who is soon to join the proud ranks of Irish contributors to 2000 AD. He is slated to have his own slot of 6-page silent stories. I think this pretty unprecedented for an artist writer to have a whole strand ofone-shot stories. It's called Bob Bryne's Twisted Tales:

There's a sneaky peak available here.

Bob had six pages of Mr. Amperduke published recently in Judge Dredd the Megazine. Check out a great early attempt at getting into the galaxy's greatest comic: Graylin. Oh and there's a new issue of the Shiznit out so if you're in Ireland find it, if not it's in a PDF file here. It's got lots of living in Dublin hatings, which I remember so well. Especially pertinent is the character "Gary Hyland...He's Just Back from Thailand". Whereas Irish parents would be loathe to see their little darlins acting like drunken bums for a two years if they stayed in Ireland, they seem to think it's a great idea for their offspring to do it on the other side of the world. Then these kids come home and either tell you how cheap everything is over there or start every sentence with 'when I was in Thailand' . See Bob's rants can be contagious...check it out.

*Explanation for blog absense: 70% work, 10% watching Battlestar Galactica in bed on my laptop and blubbing when the old Vipers turn up, 10% Star Wars Battlefront II, 10% cold-deflecting hot whiskeys.

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clamnuts said...

yeah, I'm fucking great. The first story should be any prog now