Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The current dark obsessions of Jimmny Homunculus

Howdy All,

Due both real life (i.e. teaching) and non-real-life concerns (i.e. playing Half-Life 2 until I can't see and my hands don't work) I haven't done some proper posting* in a while. So here's some of the my current dark obsessions** :

Reality TV: You Are What You Watch?..I hope not. Forgot to mention Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, it's good.

Half Life 2: Better than sex, more addictive than crack* What will I fill my days with now? oh yeah ard work, drats.

Obscure Comics: Hanging with Booster Gold. (according some, wearer of one of the worst superhero costumes of all time) I do like comics, I may have mentioned it before.

*Don't know what a 'proper post' of The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus would entail.
**Aren't they all.

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