Sunday, March 12, 2006

Podcasts: More feckin' voices in my head.

Normally I have to provide my own bizarre voices of geekdom*, but the new medium of the Podcast allows fellow maniacs and enthusiasts from all around the world beam their thoughts straight into one’s demented noggin. For me, it started with the much-publicised Ricky Gervais Show, with the comedy genius that is Karl Pinkerton.

Sinead’s Tent of Blue post on atheism led me through some procrastinating browsing firstly to this great espoual of humanism Penn Jillette’s great podcast.

Of course there is a great supply of geekcasts like The Signal that discusses Firefly and Serenity, Bill Jordaine's Golden Age of Superheroes and Lene Taylor's great I Read Comics, Ben Howard and Dan Auty's Mondo Movies, which is kind of likelistening to two Mark Kermondes (that aren't pricks) riffing on bizarre movies after a few pints. Oh and there's the geek news of Wired's podcasts featuring Momus's column (how apt) iMomus.

Music wise there's loads too, like the great They Might Be Giants and Erol Alkan podcasts

As regards visuals, I've been loving Kyle Baker's recent run on Plastic Man and his animation podcast Kyle Baker presents The Bakers

Violet Blue’s Open Source pointed me towards the Evil Angel’s delightfully entitled, ‘Pudcast’ (basically dvd trailers of their 'wares'). Worth downloading for a bit but it doesn’t get updated much and when it automatically updates you get duplicates of each title which sucks, I mean how many times can one stomach Jules 'there ya go' Jordan’s horrendous modern art mirrors.
Has the Jimmny thinking I should commit some of my demented ramblings to a podcast.

*Things I say within my own heard:

1. Whenever I put on my snood, I always pull it over my nose and say "You become a legend, Mister Wayne" in the manner of Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, it is amusing to me perhaps only.

2. Often before leaving the house for a night of carousing, oh so seldom these days where I repeat in head the following line from Blade:
Blade: There are worse things out tonight than vampires. Dr. Karen Jenson: Like what? Blade: Like me.


Karl said...

You should definitely get into the podcasting lark - bring in guests, etc to talk about their enthusiasms. Plus, it's another chance to expand the Homunculus empire.

Karl said...

TMBG's 'Hotel Detective from the Future' is a stone cold classic.