Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'Snakes in a Plane' ...that is one tasty title....

I sometimes think that imdb's news department is taking the piss out of me when I read it first thing in the morning, I mean do I really need to knowing things like this on a daily basis.

Recently, there was news of a film that takes the b-movie biscuit... Snakes on a soon after St. Patrick's Day? what the fuck is going on. These recent film titles and concepts sound like they have been copied from some lost episode of Father Ted where Dougal (in the manner of the Spider Baby debacle) recounts seeing a movie about snakes on this plane and the plane was crashing and the snakes had to learn to fly the plane but they couldn't in time so they ate it....'

I have a horrible feeling that we all, as a general of cyberdiddlers, will remember precisely where they were when they heard the film title 'Snakes on a Plane', there's already a good blog and some funny cartoons see above and the official site here. I have a bad feeling about this, like it's all some big joke at our expense adn then we get there it'll just be actors in their pants in a disused warehouse playing with themselves and staring directly at the carmera for an hour and half, actually doesn't sound too bad.

It's enough to make it seem to future generations that The Matrix is the most awe-inspiring and intelligent movie ever made and not a load of old teen-boy-wank...shit shit shit that's already happening.


Caddy Powers Jr said...

Not only will the Matrix be considered the pinical of movies but then the DaVinci Code will be raised to the lofty pillar of the only book worth reading above Harry Potter.

Perhaps a secret society will arise who will meet in order to preserve non Keanu Reeves movies and read books not authored by Dan Brown. They of course will be hunted down as heretics.

Small Ball of Anger said...

I know this is a little out of left-field, but the Dougal-ism I prefer even more than the Spider baby one, is when the describes the Beast of Craggy Island "it's got a retractable leg so it can jump up at you..and instead of a face it's got four arses."

Eternity said...

Matrix is very similar to the Branas theory, that makes me wonder if they don't take the idea from the Branas to do the film.