Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reality TV: You Are What You Watch?..I hope not,

Whenever I escape from my room to get something to eat, whenever I cook I turn on the TV and always seems to be some emotionally cruel Reality TV show. You know the ones You Are what You Eat and 10 Years Younger. Gillian McKeith never seems to see the irony of her position, sure these folks are fat and lazy as fuck but they don’t look like a wretch and they don’t go round smelling little lunch boxes of other peoples’ shite. I thought, Christ! She looks like a Boglin (you know the things rubber troll-like puppets) and then imagined creating a line of ‘Gillian McKeith’ Toilet Boblins, little rubber likeness of her scrawny face that you could leave in your toilet and they’d float round reminding you to produce, as she would say ‘healthy poos’.

Then there’s the emotional dominatrix that is Nicky Hambleton-Jones is it wrong to find her hot? I think some of it to do with her actually wearing proper glasses and not being one of those folks that wears glasses because they think they’re cool rather than actually need them—kinda like that Bill Hicks bit where he says coughing deliberately in front of smokers was like dancing in front of a wheelchair user. .. going 'hey mister wheelchair man...I'll race ya'

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