Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh Donkey, Oh Donkey, Oh Johnny Depp, Johnny Deep inside me* etc.....

It's sad, on my Tesco DVD rental thing I get the likes of Derrida (didn't Malcom Bradbury have a short story about people making 'Derrida The Movie'?) and The Year of the Sex Olympics which I 'accidentially' burnt to coin a phrase and then never watch yet I've watched 'A Bear's Tail' on DVD about twice. I know it's no doubt universally reviled, but I have a soft spot for Leigh Francis. When me and Badbrute saw the first episode ever of Bo Selecta! we did genuinely think it was may had something to do with all the hard drugs, booze and porn but what can you do it was funny. Mind you that was on seeing the first episode not thinking the same characters and catchphrases would be strung out for three series. Hey it not Spaced or Jam or anything, but it does make me laugh and it's not as bad as some of the things I watch on DVD.

*It's a quote from the show, trust me, you'll have to watch it.

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