Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Damn you You Tube stop sucking out me eyes: Sexy wise

The weird thing about youtube is that it maintains quite a coy policy there's no hardcore sleaze on there, which is, strangely, a good thing. Kind of like a nine year old who just has to look up "bum" and "fuck" when first reading a dictionary, with any new Net advance, the first things I have to look up are She Hulk and fetishism and stuff. The extent in youtube is just lovely Japanese ladies kissing and girls dancing around and stuff.

There is a strange voyeurism to it all when you think that these are private wee videos. Then you find out they're already been watched by millions so that's all right then, or is it? Anyway while searching for Pixies stuff (honest) I came across this video of ladies miming on to Hey and felt a bit bad because it looked like a genuine bedroom private affair, then I found out that it was made by film type students and there was already a making of Hey video and a clip of the makers on TV, forgetting about 'jumping the shark' this is tripping over minnows.

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Lorcy said...

oh yeah then there's the Kevin Smith Version of 'hey'.