Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bar work, the last fiefdom....

One of my fantasy future* writing projects is a possible book called "The Last Fiefdom", documenting the insanity of bar work a la Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly . Like kitchen work, bar work is an almost mediaval system where cv's matter less than personality and the ability to do the job, likem kitchen work too barwork is run on booze, nicotine, drugs and sex. The managment process hampered by constant drunkenss and trying to get staff to keep their respective bits in their pants. Enderance matters more than aptitude. I never did bar or kitchen or bar work until I came to Norwich, now I've become something of a troubleshooter. If their a crap shift or job no one else can or won't do I'm be there with a grimace and an apron. Making a bemused expression adn biting my lip (and swearing on the inside) while being told to do something nigh impossible. The barman/kp 'brotherhood of the apron' is strong. But phd writing is ovbviously the priority, so here's some sexy Vice do's for your entertainment.

*As I'm sure any PHD has, I have losts of other writing projects daydreaming liking doing a sitcom on graduate students, I even had a tagline in my head ("Not quite staff, not quite students, not quite sane...Grads", maybe it could be Gradz to appear cool?)

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