Thursday, September 14, 2006

I actually used a technique I learned off Tarintino called 'copying',

If you've ever had to listen to me late at night, (or most times of the day for that matter) it's not long before I start trying to imintate Baaaadaaad or sing some sort of Adam and Joe song (although at the minute myself and HH can't stop doing old Tom Cruise from Time Trumpet "Pound for pound I'm the strongest man alive" and "I've read every book ever written".
I have previous blabbed about Buxton's Youtube exploits and Adam and Joe's comedy/comics/music connections.

So perharps I'm seeing some recent TV output through Ad&Joe glasses, but That Mitchell and Webb Look's sketch NumberWang was far too close to Adam and Joe's great Quizzlestick (check out that link, they seem to think it's a real quiz?) sketch. Speaking of which Jonathon Ross's Japanarama (great as it was) was very like Adam and Joe go Tokyo.

Charlie Brooker pointed out in Screen Burn that Buxton's Ken Korda's 'directors commentary' to The Priory was a bit too much like Rob Brydon's Directors Commentary.

Check out Buxton's post about being in Matthew Vaughn's adapatation of Neil Giaman's Stardust (co written by Jonothan Ross's missus and ghost explorer Jane Goldman!) and how he now in a film with Robert DeNiro who is a lovely pershon.

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