Wednesday, September 13, 2006

shitty splitty shifty

Who can forget that Hall-and-Oatesesque song, a bit like that famous madballs song :

Split shift city,
Split shift city,
Ya think it's gonna be good,
But it's actually shitty*
Light postings these days, as Dr. Fabian Ironside used to say of the grad bar's talent 'slim pickins'. My manager in the grad bar is having a foot operation, the details of which even in scant description will reduce one to tears (summary: bones breaking and then resetting, repeat as necessary). Anyway I'm currently doing split shifts in the grad bar and the rose and my supervisor's back expecting great things. My great things will arrive eventually just not this week. I may be in trouble, but to quote Henry Fool, 'an honest man is always in trouble'.
*I had to do something to get The Rakes's 22 grand job in the city blah blah below par The Fall nononse out of my head

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