Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Return of Courtney Love.

Day three of no proper water, balls. I feel like those news reporters in Batman when the Joker has contaminated various cosmetics that are only dangerous if mixed in specific amounts (it's where those mysterious 'terror plot' guys got the my mind). Being literally part of the great unwashed I was sucked in to wtaching too much TV today all on More4: The Daily Show, The Return of Courtney Love and Ted Bundy: Natural Porn Killer.

The More4 Web site calls the Love show "An intimate portrait of one of the mose complicated women in modern culture'!! (my italiscs!) and her mate and producer calls her the 'queen of rock and roll'. Complicated indeed at one point she says her daily Buddist chanting has the power to 'reconfiguire her DNA' , fucking hell that there chanting is powerful stuff. The dilmmaker is obviously too sacred to argue any sort of scientific logic into the chain smoking Love. Not a bad show made by Will Yapp (a Nathan Barley style name if ever there was one), Louis Theroux's director.

Next up was Ted Bundy: Natural Porn Killer was doumentary on how Bundy befriended a TV evalgist (which reminds me check out this madness found on TCAL) and blamed all his horrific murders on porn. Although the show seemed to attribute it also to EC horror comics! near 60 years later and the EC comics are still getting the Wertham treatment. Due to my jaded trash appetites I have seen far too many of these sort of Channel 4 true crime guff. They keep doing the same things including:

1. Using that 'piiiiiing' camera sound from Texas Chain Saw Massacre (expertly spoofed in the second last episode of Spaced) whenever an old scary photograph is shown.

2. They make awful black and white reconscructions (black and white because it's old?) and don't try and get any period detail right making them look like bad student movies about moirders.

I was tempted to hang on until The Charlotte Church Show, but lost the will to live and came up to 'The Batcave' to spread the misery around force my poor readership to share the pain of the mind-numbing (sorry, I mean 'thought-provoking adult entertainment' that More 4 has to offer.

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