Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey Ladies it's Raul!!

Still recovering from the weekend! Friday split shifts at the grad bar then the Rose. Had thought of going to Marvel with the ones from work but ended up going to apirate party (arhhh) and staying up all night. Jimmny debauchry? not really ended up playing Kerplunk (it's very hard at 6.30am not only that but it looks like a sextoy-cum-bong) and Cranium, I had to draw alollipop lady with my eyes clothes and make a kebab out of clay, also not mean feat at hour. After no sleep I got on the 9.10 train to liverpool and after some train decomissioning finally got to see'D' and some old friends for his stag party. We started off at The White Star and ended up in Lloyds with many a drunken adventure in between. Mostly this was the stereotypical stag party tableau with groups of drunk guys standing on street corners deciding what to do and a few of us saying quietly in smaller groups "why can't we just get a drink somewhere? there's a pub just there! c'mon, I'm sobering up!" etc.

It was an amazing night with drinking ,pizzas, shopping trolleys and staying up until 5am or so at a hostel's pool room smoking joints and drinking cans...hooray. 'D's best man 'M' was hilarious doing 'Raul' impressions for all the ladies in Liverpool (no really every lady he met) I had to look it up on the auld ethergut and found the above clips. The trains were scarily bad though had to listen to conversations like this:

Girl of train to Leeds: "No really you have to meet Ash he's so funny, I saw him and thought he was an MP or something (!) but he wasn't and I was with my friend and we asked what he did and he said a dentist and as soon as he did she opened her mouth. He was so funny you have to meet him. He was like saying hello like sayin' "hey baby" he was so funny you have to meet Ash he was so funny" seriously, it was like that only ten times longer. How can a dentist that says "hey baby" ever be considered funny? How do 'think someone's an MP?

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