Saturday, September 23, 2006

The first ever Jimmny Homunculus Competition?...

So during the happenings of this post (where I spent about 13 hours in total on trains) one of the only bits of reading material I had (apart from academic books I was too munted/knackered to read) was the U2 cover of the Saturday Times article on said rock/pop/condescension combo, you may have heard of them? I think they are going to be the hot act of 2006 either that or the Rapture, you can quote me on that. The more I stared at Bonobo's insane face on this pic the more I giggled to myself looking forward to this moment, this moment where I would be having a beer after a shift and listen to Beck's Odelay and slag Bono off from the safety of my hovel. I was giggling about this to myself on the train to Liverpool.

Most people save bits of the paper to see the TV listings or perhaps the lingerie ads (so I hear) but I had to save it to scan it in to a computer so I could make Bono say 'I am a Turd' . See below many variations on the Bono pic so you too can enjoy the game of jamming Bono's maw with obscenties.

My competition if you chose to accept it is use the templates below in paint or word or whatever photoshoppy type twangs the kids are using these days to send me your best 'make bono say stoopid things pic' and I'll put them up on the blog and I'll send you a comic or some flarn or a photocopy of a flarn comic or my own drawing of some flarn. ("Flarn" ccBob Bryne)

so enjoy, and in the immortal words of Bobo 'I am a Turd'

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