Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In the words of Jimmy Cliff...

You never miss your water until your well runs dry. So the film studies party went and without rumbles much red wine was consumed and friend new and old got down to some serious geek talk. Things went fine when I wandered home. Myself and housemate 'M' got through most of the series of Nathan Barley ending with the immortally good 'Bad to Have a Bad Unlce....Pain, pain of a monkey' episode. After some Extras watching, I went down to the loo at like 5.3o and the whole place was under about 2 inches of water it was gushing out everywhere from under the bath or something. Fuck sake it was like something out of a Japanese horror movie remake I expected some hairy ghost lady to come out of there. Myself and 'M' managed to turn off the stopcock (insert playground joke here) and have been without water for the day which sucked, but I think it should be sorted soon.

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