Friday, September 15, 2006

Chiefy abides...hopefully.

After my last whiny post, which attempted to distract from by jamming lots of youtube madness, things have going ok. The return of my supervisor did not entail her killing me dead and putting me in a duffle bag. Maybe because I remember that terrible Joe Pesci movie 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag (is this title a high-concept precursor to Snakes on a Plane?) that I assume those who are killed are placed in duffle bags. Acturally, looking on imdb it was Shrunken Heads that was terrible the auld 8 heads thing was medicore, although there's only .4 points between them on imdb.

Anyway, I was just worrying too much as usual about academic stuff. I was trying to do my last chapter now, but the supes had sound advice to just start at the beginning and methodically writed it all and then hit the chapters I have done and it will be like a wee surprise. As per usual my friends, new and old quell my fears and I have to belive them. Weirldy, I have to get back to sort of audiciousness crap I used to come up with at will when I did my MA because I didn't care about academic politics, check out these chapter titles for feck's sake:

New Flesh for Film Studies: David Cronenberg and the Horror of the Corporeal
Lorcan McGrane
Introduction: Welcome to the Corpoeal
Chapter One Implantation of Insensibilities: Cronenberg's Strategically Incoherent Narratives.
Chapter Two Our Cyborg Selves: Corporeality's Technological Interface.
Chapter Three Our Gendered Others: Ambivilant Flesh, Creations and Invasions.
Chapter Four Imploded Binaries, Fragmented Selves.
Chapter Five 'Frenzy Theory': New Theoretical Flesh for Film Studies.
Christ, I don't even know what some of those words mean and I wrote the fuckers....

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Anonymous said...

Well now you know how we felt when you asked us to read the mother! The hard bound copy was nice though. jb