Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tom Tom Tomington

One of our staff at the Rose is a fine upstanding young man called Tom Moran. I anyways have a bittersweet anticipation of the start of a shift with Tom, there's alwasy some drama or bizarre tale. My favourite was, me going 'alright Tom, how's it going?'

and the tired rumpled answer 'Oh I had to sleep in my garage last night....on an ironing board....'

it was a long tale of him being locked out of a house by a house mate and then cutting his arms in a letterbox trying to get at keys or a lock or something then resigning himself to sleeping in the garage on an ironing board ( I recently found out it was collapsed so slightly less precarious) and then having to got to work.

Anyway he does a great comedy show on UEA's Live Wire called The Comedy Worm with Paul who DJ's Here. You can download an episode Here.

Tom also had what I hear was an amazing Stand-Up comedy deubt at the Workshop so when he the new Eddie Izzard, I can have documentary blog-style proof that I said he was good!!

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