Wednesday, August 10, 2005

(Frank) Black Monday

A while back on a Monday (dates are hazy, I seldom know what day it is these days….is this a week day?) I excitedly purchased the new Frank Black album, Honeycomb. I had reserved a copy at the local HMV. Reserving top records used to be fun, the muso behind the counter would nod in agreement…as if to say "nice choice man…you’re probably a very cool dude". Nowadays, the pierced dullard barely offers a flicker of recognition. It reminded me of a time, back in my days in the ‘Fast where I once spied a fine video copy of a utterly-shite-but-I-like-it video, Sewage Baby, (wow it actually get's 2.2 on imdb!) and not having the £4.99 required to percure such guff and asking in a panic ‘can you keep this for me till Friday till I get paid!’. The shop guy probably went ‘great, we can finally off-load this junk to this hapless goon!’ (I’m sure it’s what most video/cd/book sellers say secretly when I enter their emporia with hard-earned coinage. More on shite videos to follow!

Anyway went to Great Yarmouth, or ‘Yarmo’ as it is known in the parlance of our times with a friend where I dragged her around all the tat shops, there are many, and got some top items of bootleg bat-paraphernalia and this fine mug (not too sure which one that refers to in pic). Also got to see the fine Yarmouth Pier where one, if one is so inclined, can see The Chuckle Brothers, The Grumbleweeds and Joe Pasquale every..single…week! Also got see a good friend 'M' who is going out with another 'M' who was one of the best bar-ladies we ever had in the grad bar. They are no doubt happily ensconsed in Australia with a little dog, where 'M', the boy, is no doubt biking around smoking rollies and taking the piss out of the Australian dudes, gawd love yous, if I had the funds I'd be over there saying hello. We had a bit of good bye drink in Yarmouth's 'Spoons with some of 'M's friends.

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Karl said...

To get to see the Chuckle Brothers live... that would be almost too much. Does Jim Davidson still plough his furrow around the Norfolk coastline? I seem to remember him making anti-Yarmouth statements at some point in the past.