Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just because we're bereaved doesn't make us fucking SAPS!*

..And just because we're sci-fi fans, doesn't make us fucking idiots. When did Hollywood start thinking that sci-fi fans will be distracted by explosions and skintight costumes but not care about anything making sense. (I yeah I know, these pliles of shite and bollix). Sorry, I'm just back from The Island and my ears are ringing and all I see is product placement and shiny bullet casings falling in slow motion onto rainy concrete. It wasn't as bad as I expected and had some nice touches but it joins Equilibrium in the annals of new genre the "hyper-plagerisoid" where the producers feed in random bits of the likes of THX 1138, Logans Run, 1984, Fareinheit 451 into a Metal Mickey style computer and hope for the best. Best not to start asking questions, like Why? why build a hidden city of clones when you can grow organs in a jar far easier than creating whole people, how can a future of such surveillance allow people to wander around with guns and nanobots in their brain without detection, how can clones with no experience of the outside world survive for so long with cops and hired assassins after them. Hey, I'm no cirtic of a crazy concept, The Descent was my favorite film in ages, it had a mental concept but at least stuck too it and was believable, plus it wasn't 12A so some people actually die. Don't you miss those movies where people actually died, didn't just fall off a building or get nail-gunned in the hand and get up in the next scene to show everyone they're alright. Please! Hollywood! kill more people on screen! I don't go to movies to find role models I go to watch people heads explode.

On another Hollywood note, there's this guy. So when actors get up to dodginess and are constantly drunk and horny they have "priapism" and when that happens to me, I'm just a gibbering Irish pervoirt. 'dere ain't no justice.

*Need I add a quote from (c) "Best Film Ever"

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