Sunday, August 21, 2005

Freaky-deaky links and that....or 6 degrees of procrastination.

As the great Jimmy Cliff would say, 'you never miss your water until the well runs dry', which is
also true of the crazy ether procrastinato-tube that is the ole' t'internet. After being bereft of the broadband for a month or so it is overwheming to have it back and have such a source of time-wasting infromation and perversion at my fevered fingertips. Like Superhero Lives an insanely brillaint collection of all you would ever need to know about any superhero every depicted in a live-action format, where I found the above promo shots for a never-made She-Hulk movie with Brigitte Nielsen , in my head it's already the best film ever made.

Have been meaning for a while to do a semi-regular "big-up" of the fine folks on the links section of this a here blog:

First up, there's Karl Whitney , one of the post-apocalyptic climes of UEA and partner in crime on Paddy's Day, who has just returned home to Ireland after a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style road trip around America with added 'gangsta-hand' and eye-patch action documented here. Much missed around our humble place of learning is a certain Guiness-drinking, comic-loving DJ, writer, poet and artist (it's hard to keep up with his many endeavors) who hails from Mexico, Ernesto, who has been blogging since before most of us knew what the hell it was all about.

What I love about blogging is how it keeps one in touch with old friends that one might not have hithero kept up contact as frequently such as the great Sinead Gibney of Tent of Blue who manages to write great stuff while studying mothering and catching up with international rap stars. I have written before of fond memories of a summer spent in a bizarre wee town in Scotland, which birthed top band Dawn of the Replicants, the blogging also allows a chance to keep up with the bizarre world of messrs Vickers and Small.

True story: I was wandering home from work one night listening to one of their fine albums when I got acosted by a drunken couple for a light. The woman grabs one head phone while squawking 'wot ewe listin' tooo?' I said 'Dawn of the Replicants', meanwhile her dashing Carlsberg Speical Brew-drinking 'escort' piped up 'wot's 'e listin' twe? Frank Sinatra?', no..she squawks over 'Daawn O' thee REEPlicants', she goes to me...'they're quite good aren't they, kind of 1960s-ish', indeed, I thought 'now be gone with you, I've got Chicago Town mini pizzas, comics and porn awiting me at home and must be on my way...'

But there's new friend too like Joe whoe as a fellow Phd inmate suffers the Long Moths of Boredem when he is not rocking with Tenikov and thinking about hard books and that. His goon lady friend maintain local arts/writing blog Schemes which is great showcase of Noorwich (and beyond) literary and artistic endeavours, and a few duff ones from a certain gibeering Irishman.

Then there's the amazing Laura Tooth who acquired her alias from this great early post and has maintained an always entertaining hub or perversion and provocative writing.

Whenever I started this PhD, I never thought the Internet would allow be to read the actual thoughts of my favourite super-heroes but it does, check out Hulk's Diary That is On the Internet the best use of blogging I've ver seen, but how does his big green fingers type the keys?? I found this through John Roger's great Kung Fu Monkey blog that is not only a hive of fine intellegent geekery of the highest order but also provide regular scriptwriting masterclasses from one in the know.

...And it was that site that alerted me to the amazing Web presence of one Warren Ellis, (ill at the moment send wellness vibes through the ether) one of may favouite comic writers since I read Lazarus Churchyard in Blast! I think I've nostalgically riffed on my 'golden period' of comic collecting the late 1980s-early 1990s British comic 'anthology boom'. Reading his site inspired the seeking out of the Web presence of the amazing creators that personified that period including Rian Hughes, Chris Weston and Brendan McCarthy. Speaking of these time I was giving a paper on Superman yesterday at this great conference and near shat, figuratively speaking, when I got to met Roger Sabin who wrote on the best histories of comcis Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels.

Ahh the Internet, you are on the global frequency.

But where be The Bad Brute and when will his electro-spume erupt forth again??

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