Tuesday, August 30, 2005

If you live long enough…

All your favourite things become cool again. A few of my illustrious cohorts (a certain Dumb Riffer and the proprietor of the Tent of Blue) have linked to this fine article in The Guardian on The Pixies return to touring and possible new recorded material. As I have no doubt mentioned before I am a huge Frank Black fan. Heck, the new album could just include the sound of Frank Black shouting for a few seconds and going to the loo* while Kim Deal sings that there’s no loo roll left while Santiago and Lovering bump around in a cupboard to find some kitchen roll as a possible substitute and I’d probably buy it. Their available new stuff date was the great Bam Thwock. Unlike young Sinead, I have never seen them live as the Pixies but saw Frank Black and the Catholics last year at The Waterfront and saw The Breeders a few years ago with the esteemed JB. The drunken duo Kim and Kelley deal shouting things like ‘just play the fucking note’ to each other reminded me of these top songwriters. They Dealsters kept bitching to each other: ‘We were going to be playing “Drivin’ on 9” but somebody forgot here mandolin….Kelley!”.

Speaking of decade-old interests that still obsess me: Vic Reeves Big Night out will be soon on DVD, finally the young scamps who only know Reeves as that guy who asked for two fried eggs on Hell’s Kitchen, was on I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here and then got plastered and drove into a stationary car and had to do community service will realise what comic geniuses Vic and Bob are, hopefully The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and Bang! Bang! It's Reeves and Mortimer. I can finally get to do my Donald and Davey Stott, Paul Baron, and Kinky John impressions without people thinking I am (even more) mentally deranged.

A new Pixies album, Vic Reeves Big Night out on DVD, and a new series of Shooting Stars, it’s like all my teenage dreams are coming true, apart from all the She-Hulk/Tank Girls ones obviously.

*Where is my ROLL? CH-CH-CH-Chamin or andrex? or andrex? or andrex?

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