Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gizz'a job?!!

Since I posted this rant , I have been searching for shitty jobs in Norwich with no success. Where will the job-hunting end? I remember once in Dublin, I finished a one year contract as an arts officer in a college and literally got another office job within a day. I have been searching for work for about two months with no success. It's not like I'm a fucking oaf, I have good experience and interests. Although a certain Bad Brute once said that I should add "all holes filled" to the end of any CV. I could always start wanking for coins. It's tough filling out CVs and job applications, I mean is 'pornography' a 'hobby' or an' interest? it' s hard to know. It also reminds me of a friend at college who was a science PhD and used to say that having a PhD meant that you were 'over-qualified to do fuck all'.

Every job I go for they look at me as if to say..'em..why are you applying for this job?' And I feel like grabbing them by the lapels and shouting..'I haven't eaten today and I can't pay my rent and I need the fucking money! It's like just because you've read a few books you're not fit to hand someone a pint or a book or a fucking cinema ticket because, I don't know, you're mind might be distracted by wacky philisophical issues like how tall She-Hulk would be in real life* and that would obviously mean that I have less concentration than an 18-year-old chav crack addict.

*I reckon about 7 foot.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't have anything against working in a kitchen, I do believe The Belgian Monk is looking for a full-time kitchen porter and probably some "front of house" help. Pay's OK and the people are cool. Tell 'em Rich sent ya!