Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wonder Woman and wonderful people in Wales.

A while back I went Newtown to talk about Batman and I recently went to Cardiff to talk about Wonder Woman at this conference. My mini UK tour of gibbering about superheroes and foisting my usual perversions and peccadilloes is drawing to a close with only one more to do (this one on Superman in Nottingham). I have, as is my costom, implanted some photos of the event and the after conference free booze and food event easter egg style in this entry for those who like that sort of thing. We all stayed in this pretty lush university halls type place. On arrival, I immediately fell in with the ‘Irish massive’ a group from my dear alma matter and it was good to catch up on the gossip with the great and good of film studies. It was also a chance to catch up on important matters like geek t-shirt talk. I am proud of having a superhero t-shirt for almost every day of the week and was slightly envious of this fellow's nice Jack Kirby Captain America one. En masse the Irish massive and I went down to the students bar place that was open until 1am, as the bouncer pointedly repeated, perhaps he sensed the danger and beauty of a large group of Irish students who have demolished all the free wine, what we’re PhD students! If it’s free and nailed down it’s going to end up in our guts or our batcaves.

Yet again I had a morning slot and woke up confused, Prisoner-style yet again, Where am I? You’re in Cardiff, What do you want? We ant you to talk guff about Wonder Woman. The paper went pretty well, got to show many fine overheads and a clips of the WB’s great Justice League (now Justice League: Unlimited). Incidentally, I have recently been forcing my bar patrons to watch it in the bar when I’m working. I can often be seen emitting a wee tear or two at this fine series, leaving punters waiting…would you hold on a minute…sniff…Vandal Savage and Superman are making up to save the world…I’m sure your pint can wait!.

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