Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go! Go! Go!

Would love to stay up til all hours and write more but have to teach 24 unlucky/lucky* souls everything I know about Superman in less than 8 hours time and I'm just back from seeing The Go! Team at UEA. They were fucking excellent and are immediately in my top 3 gigs I've ever seen in UEA (the other two? Frank Black and the Catholics and Radio Soulwax).
In Ninja, the Go! Team have a black, female, young and beautiful version of Iggy Pop! think of that! imagine the energy and the high-kicking insanity.

*delete as applicable.


John said...

Excellent stuff. Stayed in the same hotel as these guys in Barcelona last year when they played Primavera. Came on stage around 4 in the morning and were in the hotel obby the next morningat 9 looking fresh as daisies.

I'll have some of what they're on.

Reidski said...

Your superb blog doesn't need me to give it a thumbs up, but, as you punt the Go Team, I thought I'd give you one anyway. What a sueperb CD Thunder Lightning Strike is!! And any mate of John's is a mate of mine, bye the way!
And, also, liked your comments on the Orange loons' visit to Dublin - who the fuck gave approval for that bonkers idea??