Monday, February 06, 2006

Meeting of the blogs

Christmas was a chance to meet up with young Karl of Dumb Riffs fame, whenever we met though we always end up pulling similar faces, compare the above gurning with this from last Paddy's Day. This was in The Village, which used to Mono*, which used to be The Mean Fiddler in Dublin, which used to be a cool place to hangout but this time around it was full of twats in suits singing along to the Kaiser Chiefs (in my day it was full of people in T-shirts singing along to the Pixies). we also went to Carnivale, which used to be called Nasdaq! do Dublin club owners just flick through newspapers to come up with names?

Was good to check out my old haunts the IFI (where I once watched 17 horror films in two and a half days, a personal best/worst depending on your point of view), Forbidden Planet, Sub City, The Secret Book and Record Shop (where I purchased this fine album good job too before they burn them all). I loved seeing the new Dublin-based comics there some truly amazing works lke the demented humour of Bob Bryne who has produced a free small press yoke of genius called The Shiznit which should get seen more outside Ireland as it's amazing and gives me the warm feeling that Scrap Saturday does when I'm in this heathen land. He's got a blog too and was interviewed by SilverBulletComics, no mean feat.

*I can see why they might have changed this, at the time it had a retro hi-fi feel to it but now it just reminds one of Mono. "Missed parties. Postponed exams. Sitting out a season of team sports. And loneliness. These are a few of the ways that scourge of high school and college students known as "mono" can affect your life"...I had all the latter without contracting shit.

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