Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feck Valentine's Day one year on...

Has a year passed already, it doesn't seem that long ago I have a two part rant on hating St. Valentine's Day. A year has passed and my opinions remain exactly the same. I couldn't resist putting up my 'Feck Valentine's Day' alternative card design (with apologies to Evan Dorkin.).

I will be spending my St. Valentine's day with a 30 foot Cyberdemon as I try to finish Doom 3 and will probably watch some Justice League: Unlimited, Star Trek: Enterprise and Mighty Boosh episodes I procured off Limewire. I'll probably spend of the rest of the day writing, reading comics and, I don't know, spending some time with my action figures (for once, not a euphemism) and playing a bit of old-school Half-Life for the laugh on my PC, just to have every sad geek base covered. This will be puncuated by making obscene hand gestures to any couples I see walking past my window as I intend not to leave the house, or with any luck, my room, until this vile day is over.

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