Monday, February 27, 2006

What is the worth of a man?

Well if you're Vernon Kay, the UEA ents team have inadvertently developed a formula that answers this existential poser. Last week Vernon was supposed to preside over a Pyjama Party Sleep-over style affair. I can only imagine what such events entail (and I have in great detail). Entry to this nocturnal debacle would have set you back £5, but because he cancelled the fee was only £3.50.

So a simple 'How much is Veron Kay Worth?' equation would be:

Vernon Kay=whoever went to a UEA pyjama party X £1.50.

It was probably a very tough decision, whether to watch some Norwich oiks stumble around in PJs or do some more coke off of Tess Daly's backside....probably. I don't want to give the impression that I actually go to such events, I only know about them because I have to put the bar's empty bottles into a recycling thing out the back of UEA (actually near my old 'home' Waveney Terrace) and usually grumble to myself at all the shite events and look over at the demolished parts of Waveney and gloat over surviving the 1970s prison-style environment* and the gruesome times that were had by all within.

*have been hearing this urban legend for over 13 years now, in every college I've ever attended or visited and am too old and tired to argue with the wide-eyed alarmists who tell you in all honesty that their halls were 'based on prison designs' that were not used because they did not pass 'Geneva Convention' regulations.

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Anonymous said...

Well Chief,

You have to admit that Coleraine looked like a prison/cigarette factory. Who can ever forget the wonderful industrial complex that was UUC.