Friday, April 28, 2006

Oooo oo Madballs!

Do you make your balls sad?
Do you make your balls glad?
Or do you, do you, do you
Do you maaaake your balls Mad

Ooo ooo Mad-balls

Who could forget the stirring theme tune to Madballs i hope you can forget it because I just made it up and I have no fucking Idea what the theme tune was to the madballs tv show. However, the more I think about the idea of creating range of toys that are possessed balls the more I think the 1980s were one of the weirdest periods of trash culture.
In my last trawl through the dusty ephemera of my adolescent geek hole I dug up this ‘Ugly Balls’ comic ad for cheap laughs asking the pertinent question ‘Do you have 'scary, bouncing ugly balls'?’ and yon Clamnuts asked the even more pertinent question which came first? Ugly Balls or Mad Balls. Well, for those that were keeping tabs on the situation, it transpired that that balls were indeed ‘mad’ before they were ‘ugly’.

As is the way with geek serendipity, once you are reminded about something, you keep seeing it everywhere. When I was in Dublin I got some great graphic novels for 50 cent each like part of one of the JLA Avengers crossover Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle No.9. Anyway underneath these bargain piles were Volumes IV and V of the complete Buddy Bradley stories from Peter Bagge's Hate where the above madball incident comes from.

Then I bought some 25p copies of old Marvel Age magazines and what do I find but a two page promotion fest for the Madballs cartoon that gives us an insight into the inside world of the madballs they have all their own characteristics. See the pics above, I mean 'Crackhead' is in charge of the madballs because 'his head is cracked and half his brain is showing' is this what the madballs were looking for in leadership? And what about 'Oculus Orbus': 'he's just an eyeball' where's his brain inside the big eyeball?

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clamnuts said...

My mate has the Madball cartoon on video, I pestered him to put it on one night and even stoned and being a lover of all things corny, I couldn't handle it.

Sayimg that though, I still collected them. If you want a laff, check out FOOD FIGHTERS, I have most of them in their packs.Sad.