Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'm getting like my dad...

He's a teacher you see and would often go in an berate shop-owners if their signs were grammatically incorrect, like "Plum's 50p a lb", he's be in going, "what do the plums own?".

There's a pub in Norwich called The Ribs of Beef and they advertise on taxies and of these
fuckers is parked across the street, visible from my window, and it's wrecking my head as it reads:

"Ribs of Beef. Free House. The Cities Favourite Local"

Shouldn't this be "The City's Favourite Local"? Even if the pub thinks Norwich is two cities is would be the Cities' Favourite Local. Check out the pic above they're really proud of this 'moronmobile' and parade it around Norwich all day as an advertisment for potential pub customers who can go and drink ales safe in the knowledge there won't be any wise guys pointing out spelling and stuff. Plus I don't remember being around for the election when they were voting the 'City's Favourite Local'!

I may be sounding like a pernickety old man, but John over at Counago & Spaves would understand.

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John said...

I do indeed.

Incidentally, Webster's gives taxis as the first, and therefore preferred, plural. Not that your spelling is wrong. I just thought you'd like to know.