Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jimmny's 3 Seconds of Off-Screen Fame!!!

So I gave up the auld rollies for the last time two weeks ago and as a special treat got The Dawn of the Replicants' The Singles: Bust the Trunk. It includes a Bonus DVD ('Bust yer Peepers') with all their videos and two docmetnaries by spoken previously of my youthful times with these fine folks.

Anyway when watching the DVD documentary on 'The East West Years', when 'the Reps' were on the same label as Simply 'I'm Mick Hucknall' Red spotted their 1998 gig at the Mean Fiddler gig in Dublin that I attended then, as if my magic I heard my voice in the background of a backstage bit where I'm talkign to Paul Vickers about (what else?) Science Fiction Freak . Later when some of the badn are finding their hotel room room, Grant Pringle goes, 'where's Lorcan?' meagre fame but it made my day, was great to see the band in action.

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clamnuts said...

Ahh......Should really read the post below before 'wha-ing'. Nice coup