Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two Whole Years of The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus! 2 years of the small bags of crap!

Happy Birthday to Jimnny: a Secret History of The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus.

From this first official post "Small bags of crap" dated November 14 2004 I have been annoying my unfortunate readers with madness, sexual frustration and geeky ramblings.
Secretly, I like that my first post was called "small bags of crap" as it was an apt description of the little dollops of madness I inflicted on the general populace. This was actually my first post, (but blogger for some reason put the dog poo one first) it's crazy that my first post involved discussions of Halo when I am now 2 years later trying to finish Halo 2 on legendary, after finishing Halo on legendary (I apologise for Blogger's quirks where all apostrophes transmute into spazed out punctuation orgies! )

Anyway, if you can hang on a while, this will be a mega long post summarizing the madness of Jimmny Homunculus and some of my 4am thoughts on what I cam here to say.

Valwentie's Day sucky wucks...

Feck Valentine's Day 1
Feck Valentine's Day 2
Letter from St. Valentines's

with this picture I frequently dicussed my discust for St. Valentine's Day, hey, it's an alright thing, I just get annoyed that people who choose to be single have to stay away from resturants and pubs on Feb 14th like people with no legs and half an eye. Most couples go, hey! you can come out on St. Valentine's day! no one's stopping you! Indeed, no one is stopping us, but if we did go out on this oafish day and observed your googly eyed antics we would have to kill you with blunt objects! So it's better if we stayed in, and remember all yous couples: you're only one mischosen word away from being single! see yous later down the disco!!

early attempts at explaining Jimmny Homunculus

The madness of Being a PhD student

Procrastinate Now!

Liking She-Hulk:
Ah the She Hulk Painting Wot I did...

The Kitchen Porter Years

Me head's in a rancid bin!
The auld kitchen humour
Twitch of Death Labia

Being Horny
Fist Biter Blues
Carmen Electra (is that her given name??)
Dirty Walkman (remember them pre-ipod yokes?)
Sleaze Channel 4!
Pudding and porn

an average 'I wil kill god' rant I totally will, that fucking dude's been asking for it since, like, forever.

some film ugly balls! cube lube crackhead!

As always Frank Black is not too far from me heart

There's a perfect explanation for the shit that I've been in
Soon as I find out, I'll let you know
And If it's any consolation well your horse is goin' to win
cause mine and all the others are just. too. slow
("Coastline", Frank Black and the Catholics-Show me your tears)

that's it fer know, more soon no doubt!


clamnuts said...

heh heh, fist biter. Congrats man. Isn't Blogger shit? I'm switching to Wordpress so I can categorize shit all the time. How come none of your thesissses'es are online?

Lorcy said...

blogger, does wreck me head sometimes, I have lost a a lot of stuff of the years.

my master web plan is to have a proper overall '' site with my thesis stuff, paintings, cartoons and the blog as part of it, but make it look perfessional like so as not to frighten potential employers!