Sunday, November 05, 2006

Batman Paaarttyyy

I found a cardboard box (it was a box from a desk fan) that fitted over my head, kind of like whe I found a plant pot that fitted on me noggin for my Judge Dredd opus cut scary batman eyeholes and a grumpy batman mouth attatched it to a big cardboard shoulder brace shape thing and covered the lot in heavy duty bin bags and black insulating tape.

I had to keep going back to the hardware shop for more tape and bin bags in the matter of a serial killer, I should have said something like, 'can I get some more tape, it's still twitchin' but thought better of it. I can see why batsy doesn't get the ride much, you can't see or hear anything in such a suit I looked like a cross between batman, a gimp and a gimp robot.

Even though I haven't a digital camera after this incident, the wonders of facebook means I can show you results of my bin bag/tape masterpiece thanks to Geraldo and Steph for the pics, and thanks to facebook, cause it's the drunkards friend, you can stay up till 7am and get totally hammered meet cool people, then forget their names, then find out what their names were by looking them up on facebook, I can't help thinking of the 'facebook' from the Evil Dead movies though.nYou don't want to know what I think of when I hear the word 'My Space',

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