Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That's it I've finally given in...

To the Superman box set madness, I just couldn't take it anymore and was writing my Superman chapter and I had some spare cash and, and, and, whatever, there's no justifying it I just spend £35 on the new Superman box set (it is worth it: it would take you over 12 hours to wtach everything) but more of that later, first the story of the never ending Superman box sets.

First of all there was this baby, The Superman/Superman II Special edition which I got a few years ago for 12.99, hey I thought, at least I've got the 2 good ones and I'm sure the other two will be cheap enough on DVD soon enough. No such luck for the hapless geek, the videos for Superman III and Superman IV are deleted on video and relatively rare and expensive to buy on their own on DVD because they had this set to hawk (came out in 2005) . It costs about £19.99 and has all four movies, with all the same features and little else from the £12.99 version.

2006 arrives and now there's The "Christopher Reeve Collection" including the 1978 and 2000 extended version of Superman: The Movie and the original and Richard Donner Cut of Superman II and Superman III and Superman IV and Superman and the Mole Men (1951) and 17 of the Max Fleischer Shorts and lots more.

It is great but only definitive when this bad boy comes out ! Is there no rest for the box set geek, I doubt the Steel one will be as big.

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