Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lost lunacy

Listen to Iain Lee, Geeky Tom and Paul as they are forced to listening to a gibbering Irish maniac on the phone,

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I appear around about 28 minutes in, leave the lorcy last! how do I know? I've just listened to it, and i don't appear too mad which is heartening as I hadn't left the house for about two days. I don't buy into the series as much as the other callers and emphasise that Lost is a show with connections with other sci-fi shows and films. But I do gibber, I got a crazy reaction though,

"wow! that guy needs to get a job..." quothith the lost podcasters.

They edited out my Langoliers geeky reference, so it just makes it seems like I'm repeating the fact that they all know about the Stephen King book being Carrie, without including the fact that I mentioned the Langoliers, as soon as I heard about Lost I said to myself, 'that sounds a bit like 'The Langoliers' and then I keeled over and blubbed in my own geeky filth and everyone in the world went on about Lost and cryed into my pillow and blubbed..."but what about The Prisoner....but what about The Langoliers...but what about whatever..... feck ye's all...etc..."

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