Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Jimmny Photographic Interlude.

Yep, the blog's been quiet of late, you've escaped from the madness, but the Jimmny's got yous in his demented sights for some weekend rants. Don't worry it's one of those there Airsoft rifles that shoots wee plastic balls, and if you ever get hit in the nuts with one, you'd have wee balls too. It was weird to have a go on one, I worked with a kitchen porter while at the monk who spent all his expendible income on night sight googles, sniper sights, camoflague etc.

Was great to see the auld Badbrute and Oldgrom, and the usual rants ensued along with much youtubing of the Walken and Tim and Eric variety. Also got in the my habitual 'bargain buckets' trip to Forbidden Planet and picked up some Girls, heh, obviously the comic rather actual variety and some Hero Squared.

In a crazy sort of action figure version of a suicide pact, yon BB agreed to open his Red Son action figure, if Oldgrom would open the Colonial Viper model I got him.

Meanwhile, mine now has monitor-top pride of place along with the spudtrooper and various Wolverines. Toyz and Games in Norwich are currently selling them two for one. They're from Joyride Studios, good review here, which basically recounts exactly what I did with mine. Plaid Stallions also had a good vintage Battlestar Galactica toy review recently.

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