Friday, May 18, 2007

Hey internet get outta me head

From the great Tina Kugler.
Whilst repopulating my blogroll* (drop me a line if I've overlooked your blog) I've come across **some gems that are dangerously close to the sort of stuff the trundles around my demented noggin of an evening already, such as Charlie Anders on the ambivalently sexualised She-Hulk. Not only is there Jen's Wonder Woman blog (also check out her great sarcastic sex toy blog too) but a BBW Wonder Woman Blog! Yet no one has yet to do a She-Hulk blog in the manner of her cousin's or its pale imitator. I do miss Dial B for Blog, but at least the sockamageemesiter has created the pulp inspired sister-site Dial B For Burbank.

God my brainpan is going demented, Pete recently gave me a big monitor that his techwizard company were going to throw out, i haven't organised a screen guard yet and I occasionally feel like James Woods in Videodrome, I fear I might fall into the auld ethergut. It's very sunny outside but I have to shun the sun to get the marking done...that should be my PhD motto for the summer: Shun the sun to get it done.

A current ipod shuffle mix of Hank Williams, Ween (The Pod, is especially hardgoing at times) , Millie Jackson, Momus, Peaches, Bill Hicks isn't helping the wooziness. Working at the Rose later, that'll reintergrate me into reality, well Norwich, a reality of sorts. Alrigh Boi?

*Sounds dodge.

**Uff, and another, the dodginess doesn't stop.

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