Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News from the Blogroll

Something Awful's PhotoShop Phriday: 'recreate famous movie posters in the classy tradition of grindhouse cinema' is a doozy!

Howdy, have upated the auld blog, so this could be called The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus Version 2.0 whenever I figure out how to make some demented banner, it will probably be a representation of me cranking onto an action figure. In deep dissertation marking mode so I have to curtail my rants until tomorrow these be three:
1. Why Grindhouse can go fuck itself
2. Why I have the total horn for Battlestar Galactica
3. Why Spider-Man 3 makes the same kind of sense as Superman Returns.

In the meantime here's some hot news from the blogroll:

Bob Byrne's just got an official date for his 2000 AD appearance: Prog 1536! Cover here.

Karl Whitney recently interviewed Evan Dando, until the singer hung up in a strop like, dare I say it, Evan Dildo. At least young Karly didn't start off the interview by going: 'We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files'...

Adam Buxton has a very funny and informative account of being on Have I Got News For You, hosted by Bill Bailey and with Armando Iannucci should be a great episode:

The night before the taping my Dad, without a trace of malice said to me, “Have I Got News For You is exactly the kind of programme on which you are thoroughly ill suited to appear. It’s full of people being witty and telling jokes and that’s not what you’re good at all.” My Ma, who was all excited about me appearing on proper telly, has remained conspicuously silent since the show went out so she perhaps agreed with that assessment.

hey ho, back to typing phrases like 'overreliance on online sources' and 'conversational tone unsuitable for an academic work' over and over again until my eyes fall out.

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