Friday, June 09, 2006

Beaucoup Kevin's

Only post about the whole lesbian Batwoman storm in a D cup.


Caddy Powers Jr said...

Ah the whole empowerment through scantily clad clothing.

I have to admit that I did feel slightly embarrassed when it was indicated that this was an example of trying to increase diversity among superheroes and not a cheap titilation stunt.

You may wonder why they don't just star a comic book called: Batwoman: Don't worry guys you can cure her.

Hey, she may end up being a great character but I don't think that was what the editors of DC were thinking about at the time

Lorcy said...

It's a pity this story eclipses some of the good existing female characters in DC recently, need I mention Huntress in Justice League unlimited? Birds of Prey was always a pretty decent comic and bruebecker's Catwoman in 'Crooked Little Town' and the like was really good, I like the way included slam bradley and had catwoman as a vigilante in her own right in the dodgy areas of Gotham Batsy couldn't be arsed with and the sort of crimes the were more sexual and such, kind of like Gotham: Special Victims Unit. Even Big Barda has her moments, oh they should do a Big Barda She Hulk crossover....i've said too much