Friday, June 30, 2006

This is how much of a geek I am...

....powerpoint nearly gave me the horn I was so excited using it. I went to do a paper in my old university in the University of Ulster at Coleraine. Although it is probably true that every university campus of a certain age looks more or less the same, every inch of that place brought back bizarre memories like 'near this bus stop is where I drank 3 litres of strongbow for the first (and last) time and bawked up green'. Anyway it was an amazing conference . I had a great epiphany in that I was reworking a paper I did last year on Spider-Man and realised I was reworking old stuff and thought to myself, 'If I'm bored reading this guff who's going to be interested listening to it?' hence a crazy powerpoint presentation on Spider-Man loneliness and wanking, pics above. It was great to see Iain and the Soph again and new friends like copanelist
House Wife the Band.

As regards the paper I'm so pleased that the new Spider-Man trailer implies it's all about boo-hoo loneliness and the darkness within rather than smoothing with MJ.

Was mad to be back in the north, I totally forgot about loyalists, any of the nationalism in Norwich is more of the 'Fat Les/Vindaloo' variety it was funny to observe stocky fuckers with union jacks on their peak caps. Passing through Ballymoney I saw a big oil pipe with "no pope here" sprayed on it. I was thinking to myself, like, yeah, there's one place less to look, I didn't think he was in there in the first place. I'm a Catholic and try to think of yon Nazi Youth John Ratzenberger as little as possible and you guys are thinking about him all the time trying to narrow down the places he isn't, that's a job: Antartia: no pope here...maybe try the Vatican he's probably there tugging his benson and telling God it's ok coz he's infallible, so God must have meant him to jizz his load over "Nuns Quarterly"

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