Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Life and Sad Times of Wee Jimmny Four Jobs

So for the last week or so I have technically had four jobs, teaching as UEA, teaching at NCAD, working in the Grad Bar and working at fine Norwich pub the Rose. Gawd, worked there last Saturday for the 'arrrghh ahhhh it's a football game England versus Paraguay. Don't remember much about it apart from hobbit style blokes saying 'ahh could I have 9 pints of Carling and 8 pints of ale and a Smirnoff ice etc..' So I finished all my marking last night where I managed to mark 36 exam in one day, it was a long day though 7am to 12am. Toward's the end (where some on scripts on Friends appeared to be written in sanscrit) I kept myself awake by listening to Mark Radcliffe on Radio 2 in my (soon to be cleared-out office) and heard the great Count Arthur Strong.


HH said...

Amateur. I'll see your four jobs and raise you another three.

Teaching at UEA
Office bitching at CCN
Invigilating at Hell High School
Invigilating at Pig Shite FEHE College
Freelance Online Database shenanigans for Arts Council
'Trial shifting' at Union Bar

Show me whatcha got dude, or ya thirsty for more...

Lorcy said...

fucking hell! you've been busy, I'll shut up then,

and you'll have to face the spectre of father's day and all the articles it will entail: I walked past that terrible Christian book shop on Prince of Wales Road and full of 'fathering the godly way' style books

and that movie 'thank you for smoking' is all about.... fatherhood and hardly any smoking,

did you go to united 93?