Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rinky-Dink Boondoggle...

dy Anyone who knows me--or at least gets to know me long enough to ask me about my musical tastes (more fool them)--will know of my yen for foul-mouthed rap ladies (you may remember my sleaze-a-rama collection, parties stopped in their tracks by shouts of 'what the fuck is this' gauranteed). Surely the queen of foul-mouthed electro pop is the great Peaches, (what no new album what is she up to? lots of sex and drugs no doubt.oops....just checked, she's got one out on July 11th called Impeach my Bush! excellent, so to use a fine Irish phrase, she has got her finger out of her hole) .

In the meantime, the filth void is aptly filled by the great brother and sister dodgy duo Punk Bunny not to mention uber filth femmes Princess Superstar* Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.

Despite it being a step more safe in the filth stakes I do have a soft spot for the likes of hip-hop's own Vicky Pollard Lady Sovereign and Lily Allen ( know she's another myspace darling but at least she doesn't sound like a foghorn like that other 'punk rocker with flowers in my hair' eedjt).

So there's this, guy (this was the very slight reason for this post which, as it turns out, is just an excuse to have loads of links to naughty music ladies in one place) who really wanted to have a "date" with Lady Sovereign. So this guy some how needed $10,000 to 'get random with Lady Soveriegn' after her San Francisco Gig, why? does he think she's a grandaughter of the Queen or something, $10 for some brown-bag booze would done it, why does he need to fleece random gulliwebs**

Incidentally, we*** never used to have 'dates' in Ireland, you just get drunk and hope for the best, you go things like the cinema and 'coffee shops' after drunken congress. The phrase 'date' for me is for people like Ross from Friends. Where 'dates' means stalking ladies of various ethnic backgrounds in coffee shops (this, by the way is the only way for ethnic minorities to get into Ross, *shudder* haven't the disaffected suffered enough...sorry aside due to not teaching my sitcom course.)

In honour of

help me get random with lady soveriegn

perhaps I should start

"help Jimmny Homunculus get his rinky dink touched before it falls off"

(damn you blogger! I was trying to do a funny joke where all the above words were were all to gether with a www on one end and a com on the other in a bit of e-enjambment but everytime I published it all the links wer sent to the bottom...)

catchy title isn't it? betcha it's taken already though.

*Bad babysitter is one of my favorite songs, and in moments during quiet shifts in the Grad Bar I will be often heard to sing almost audibly 'I'm a baaad babysitter, got my boyfriend in the shower 'woop' I'm making 6 bucks an hour', god help the customers who overhear without the sleaze music context, although the fact that I've MTV Dance on may be a clue.
**I just made this up but I sure there is a better phrase for people who part with cash for ridiculous Web campaigns for the vague vicarious thrill of being involved in some thing 'cool' on the 'Internet'.
***Correction, I never used to go on dates in Ireland, uncless seeing some ladies who were on the opposing debating or table quiz team counts, which it does not.

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