Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Damn you You Tube stop sucking out me eyes: Comedy wise

One of the best things about the ole you-boob-poo-tube is that it's great for stock-pilling grainy bits of comedy gems that aren't on DVD, and in some cases may never be, as in the case of Heil Honey I'm Home or Mad TV's great Pimp My Bride.

My eight degrees of comedy youtubation

There's the great Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's great Danger 50,000 Volts! Zombie special

Then Pegg et all in this great comic relief spoof of Blankety Blank "Freddie Starr, you really are a prick"

Then Peter Serafinowicz this time with his bro doing O! News spoofs on the Oscars and the Apple V Apple thing and some music bits from Look Around You.

And of course Rodge and Podge's top interviews with Johnny Vegas and Jodie Marsh and course the GIC: Greatest Irish Curse.

And finally, my favourite gem, Vic and Bob's The Weekenders Part One and Part Two. Or the great Lethal Weapon Spoof. Happy time wasting folks!

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