Friday, June 30, 2006

It's a livin'! Jimmny as Norwich's ubiquitous barman

You know that great Simpsons character, that high-pitched teenager who says things like 'you can't go in there sir' and 'do you want fries with that' but turns up in every service industry and retail job so either he has to work each job to fund his dungeons and dragons/comics/flarn-addiction or there are a brethren of similar mooks that man every till in Springfield.

Anyway that's what I'm like in the pubs of Norwich, people who've seen in the Grad Bar, The Temple Bar or the Belgian Monk turn up to the Rose Tavern where I am currently working and do a drunken double take like, whenever they're drunk there's some bespectacled Irish guy in a Punisher t-shirt wherever they go asking are they ok for a drink.

The managers wanted to do some fun superhero placemats and posters featuring superheroes and they asked if I had some suitable images! Do I? A wee search on the Grand Comics Database and Superdickery found the above 'superheroes and food' themed covers which now grace the walls of the Rose, hooray for trying to inject a bit of geekdom in this world cup-obsessed time, although young Karl Whitney has pointed my attention to a possible middle ground!

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