Sunday, April 23, 2006

Back to broadband land=geek overdose posts.

Howdy all! Back to broadband land of Norwich now, so overdosed on the old blogging see two long posts below, one on niggling geek concerns like the spidermobile and another on the suspect nature of Mr.T.

Anytime I'm home I always try to bring over some of my old collection. In the manner of the culture coccoon, I like the idea of finally settling down and having all my comics in one place. Funny how my contemporaries are settling down and getting married and such and I'm still waiting to live somewhere that I can have all my comics in one place, so expect more scans of the weirder aspects of comics.

Have updated the links as well to in include my mate Vanessa's great bands Diefenbaker and The Green Hills of Earth: A Space Opera. She's a musicology PhD and fellow sci-fi geek, any space opera based on a Robert Heinlein book has got my vote.

I have created the separate 'comic blogs' section with hilarious comics blogs Beaucoup Kevin and Dave's Long Box. Comic legends Steve Gerber and John Bryne also have great sites, with a searchable galleray so I can have a link to all his She Hulk work. He has also has a great Charlie's Angels meets Universal Monsters web comic called You Go, Ghoul! Just an excuse to show the above visuals really, as 'Badbrute' would say of me, 'no subtext'.

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