Friday, April 28, 2006

Be sure to see it's sixity three!!

1963 was a great miniseries Alan Moore did for Image Comics. I’ve always had a soft spot for it as it was the nearest U.S. comics got to the satire of the late 1980s 2000AD (everyone, I think has their era of 2000AD, mine has, I think, passed. I look at it now with the distain I give to church pamplets, it’s so wee and filled with shite: Oohh a Cyber-Judge….how many times has that been done, but I digress) Anyway, 1963 was a cross-section of a fictional 1960s comic book publisher with lots of Marvel in-jokes annotation here. My favorite aspect as the way in which Moore wrote the ads and reader’s letters as well. Hence the genius that is ‘shamed by you English?’ I especially love the little detail shown above.

Recently found this great site: Dave’s Long Box who also had a post on 1963 but actually had the original ‘Shamed by your English’ to compare it with,. Drats have been outgeeked!

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