Saturday, April 01, 2006

Like God was jizzing in me mouth...

This is what it has just been like for me eating a 9 inch ‘Pepperoni Plus’ Pizza from a local emporium called ‘Mr. Pizza’, (but is there a Mrs? Have you seen her? etc….) This news item may of no interest to you, but if you eat fast food regularly and hey, who doesn’t, or, you know, generally eat properly (more than one meal a day), listen up! I have just got paid for my teaching this month and this is the first time in a month I have been able to afford a pizza that hasn’t cost £1.50 or less from Budgens or if you will, Heads. Can you imagine if you eat fast food and you can never afford it for a month and then you get paid for talking about sitcoms to apathetic youngsters and then you have a few pints and think, fuck it, I can afford to buy a 9 inch Pizza from Mr. Pizza for £5.10 once a month and it’s like the fucking Bicycle Thieves and you do it anyway and you eat very quickly while Georgie Fame is playing on the telly and you’re drinking a glass of red wine and you think, this is what it must be like if God was jizzing in my mouth and everything will be alright and everything else can go fuck itself…it’s half two am and I’m listing to all my Pixies albums from my laptop on party shuffle*
Is she wed is she white is promised to the night? And then, “Is a Woman” from Lambchop, which is one of my favourite songs, despite the fact that I have inexplicably just typed it down and it doesn’t make as much sense in written form but still, it is a great song….

I remember once in listening to this in Babrute’s Ka and us agreeing that Lambchops’ Is A Woman is the best hangover album in the world (tough to put on a sticker, but it is) it almost makes hangover’s at age 30 bearable.

*In your face past-times version of me who had Surfer Rosa and Doolittle one tape and thought that having all the Pixies CDs was an insurmountable goal, I've shown you! I live in the future! go back to yer Sega Master System II and be Alex Kidd I'm too busy being Sam Fisher...and I've seen a lady in the nude.

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clamnuts said...

Leave Alex Kidd alone. My bro is considering moving to germany because of the availability of inexpensive large pizzas. And marzipan too.