Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jimmny calling, Jimmny calling...

Hello, testing testing....Ahh Jimmny love future! check out the headphones and wee mic (only £1 from Poundland) which, in theory, allows me to burble inscently to the world via Skype and Google Talk.

In days past, it would have no doubt cost lots to have a fun weekend, but I've had an hilariously fun weekend without even leaving my room....much....I mean I did have to eat at some points...and do other things. I'm desperately trying make the following posts sound good but can't really, they're about things like eating pizza, missing the Newsnight Review on TV, not being able to find dodgy DVDs and er.. that's about it...but I managed to rant about it for three long posts!! and have deluded myself into thinking they're worth foisting on yous alls. Just thank the lord I'm not shouting the following contents down your lugholes viva a £1 mic!

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